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WERS stands for the Window Energy Rating Scheme, the energy-rating program for the window industry endorsed by the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors, these films are the only products in Australia that have been independently tested and conform to the Alternative solution path for energy efficiency within the building code of Australia.

Using WERS For Film ratings, you can accurately and confidently compare the energy benefits of different window films to select the one that best suits your needs.

Products that have been rated in the WERS For Film program have a star rating for heating and cooling, like the energy star system used to rate whitegoods, the more stars the greater the efficiency of the product.

When a WERS-rated film is applied by a WERS For Film Accredited Individual, a WERS For Film certificate can be issued to you at the conclusion of the project, for the certificate to be valid, the installer must be a current WERS For Film Accredited Individual.

- Visit http://www.wfaanz.org.au/WERSLicencees to ensure your installer is certified.

When you want to sell your home or conduct an energy assessment the WERS certificate will be used by the certifier to validate the products energy efficiency, If it is not a WERS certified product the performance can not be guaranteed adding no value to your home.

Using a WERS rated film and having a WERS certificate will improve your energy rating, which will increase the value of your home or building and make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

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Not all window film is the same. There are so many different aspects to how film will perform and how long it will last.

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