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We would like to thank Australian Tinting for providing such a professional service tinting the windows of our newly renovated unit. The service has been outstanding, starting from our first contact with Luke who helped with useful knowledge of the product, very adaptable and prompt in providing the service. What a fantastic job! Our windows look like new and even when we had a problem with paint splatters on our new tint, we received sympathetic understanding of the problem and practical suggestions which saw the removal of the paint without any damage to the film. Our heartfelt thanks for such a great service. Lee and Denise, Kiama.

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Darkness of Products: Don’t be sold a product with performance standards that would better suit an industrial building than your family home. We understand our products and carefully help you select a suitable product that won’t make your home extremely dark and uncomfortable, some films can allow only 5% of light into your home.  Ask what is the Visible Light Transmition (VLT).

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